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I create culturally relevant educational content for diverse learning styles to make knowledge accessible and understandable for learners of all backgrounds.

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Distinguished Online Teaching Award in General Education 2022

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Diversity Award


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Accommodations, Accessibility, and Universal Design Award


Naomi Latini Wolfe

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Educator & Professional Writer

+ Inclusive Content Editor

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About me

Hi! I'm Naomi. 👋🏼

I am a Sociologist with over 15 years of higher ed teaching. My specialties include inclusive sustainability education, evidence-based interventions, and teaching in virtual environments.

My curriculum and pedagogy empower learners with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be agents of positive social change, help protect the environment, and create a more equitable future.

  • 15 years of experience designing courses + teaching higher ed
  • Master of Science in Applied Sociology
  • Knowledge of sustainable education principles
  • Savvy in digital fluency and teaching virtual environments
  • Expertise in Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle + Adobe Creative Cloud and Captivate

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Areas of Expertise

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I specialize in inclusive educational materials that strengthen digital literacy, empower learners, and create informed citizens. I help educators and organizations create equitable learning environments and improve educational outcomes.

Key Features

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  • Inclusive Revisions
  • Diversified Syllabi
  • Course Redesign
  • Training Materials
  • Research Advancements


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  • Enhanced Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • Culturally Responsive Content
  • Strengthened Digital Literacy
  • Improved Quality of Education
  • Customized Content Solutions
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In Social Problems and Silver Linings, learners unlock a deeper understanding of complex social issues through self-reflection, inclusive participation, and mindful dialogue.

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Find a more expansive list on LinkedIn.

Textbook Authorship

+ Instructional Resource Development

Professional Highlights

Inclusive Teaching Workshops

+ Live Speaking Engagements

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My textbook "Social Problems and Silver Linings" (2023) features 15 chapters, engaging assignments, and supplementary materials designed to foster inclusive understanding, unity, and well-being.

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I facilitate inclusive teaching workshops and webinars to empower individuals to incorporate inclusive strategies into their classrooms. I have presented at conferences, provided keynote speeches, and offered training on inclusive content creation.



Publications + Awards

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My commitment to inclusive content creation is illustrated through my various professional contributions, such as my publication in the Journal of the American Society on Aging (2017) and Distinguished Online Teaching Award (2022).


Inclusive Educational Content Development

I have designed and developed a wide array of inclusive educational content, from courses to curricula, instructional management strategies to assessments, to help create equitable learning environments. I aim to ensure that learners of all backgrounds can efficiently access quality education. Reach out for a more expansive list of current and past projects.

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College Success

Foundations of critical thinking | Character development | Effective study strategies

Research Methods in Social Science

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies | Data collection and analysis | Writing for publication

Popular Culture and Mass Media

Comparing cultural texts | Examining societal impacts | Analyzing media bias

Social Problems

In-depth exploration of social issues | Self-reflection | Collective well-being

Digital Sociology

Digital citizenship | Digital inclusion | Online research methods

Race and Ethnicity

Decolonizing thought | Cross-cultural dialogue | Inclusive language

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Reach Out Today

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I'm dedicated to helping organizations and individuals create comprehensive curricula, assessments, and materials that empower learners while strengthening accessibility and inclusivity.

Feel free to contact me for more information about my services, including inclusive educational content creation, instructional design and development, digital literacy training, and more. I'm available for speaking engagements on inclusive education and related topics.

Let's work together to create a better future through inclusive educational opportunities.




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